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invested in your real estate success.

CMS Strategic Partners is a Dallas real estate firm advising clients on an array of real estate matters. Leveraging a long history of market knowledge and broad real estate experience, the CMS team provides one-on-one guidance and trusted counsel to real estate investors, buyers, sellers and tenants, throughout each stage of their real estate transaction.

Primarily focusing on opportunities less than $5M, the team takes a hands-on, “in the trenches," approach to all client goals. Utilizing the team’s experience, CMS’ goal is to provide an accurate, calculated, opinion of risk versus reward to every client.

Most notable aspect of the CMS’ approach is the in-depth analysis and strategic perspective we bring to every real estate deal. We go above and beyond to provide our clients with the research and insight they need to make an informed, confident decision. By serving as our clients’ advocate, we help them effectively navigate the multiple facets of their transaction so they can move forward in attaining their overall business and real estate goals.


Our Process/Insight

At CMS Real Estate, we are committed to your real estate success.

We believe in the power of strategic real estate investments and leverage a different approach. Taking a horizontal approach to real estate, we are capable of seeing all investment opportunities. We know that whether your needs are residential or commercial, your goal is a solid investment. With that in mind, we curate a process to maximize your investments and minimize the bureaucracy.

No investment is too big or small in our mind, because every investment is a belief in the application of smarter real estate strategy. And, with smarter strategy, we all win.


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