Our team provides various real estate services working with buyers and sellers, attorneys, accountants, lenders, and insurance underwriters of all product types. By strategically analyzing short-term and long-term goals, reviewing current data and forecasts, and working alongside our client to assist in the transaction, we ensure that all needs are fulfilled. 

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Tenant Representation

 Dallas Real Estate CMS Listing and Marketing Homes to Sell
Listing and Marketing Homes to Sell

 Dallas Real Estate CMS Buyer Seller Representation
Buyer and Seller Representation

 Dallas Real Estate CMS Competitive Market analysis
Competitive Market Analysis

Using Our Process and itemizing our client’s goals, we help office clients find the right “home.”

Lease Analysis / Abstraction

Tracking critical lease dates and options is commonly overlooked and forgotten about. Maintaining a calendar of escalations, termination options, Right of First Refusals, and other critical lease dates, while comparing them to market data, is fundamental to maintaining a tenant-friendly lease.

Lease vs Buy Analysis

Not all Tenants have to be constricted to leasing property. Upon analyzing numerous key figures and weighing the pros and cons, it can be advantageous to consider purchasing versus renting.

Lease Negotiations

While conducting in-person meetings and discussing a variety of considerations, we will analyze different markets, demographics, conveniences, accessibilities, space requirements, lease tenor, and other variables that weigh into a final decision. After compiling business relative information, through utilization of a variety of databases and sources, our team will narrow down the options and services to fit your needs.

Operating Expense Audit

Conducting semiannual audits is key to making your landlord accountable.

 Dallas Real Estate CMS Residential Contracts
Residential Contracts
 Dallas Real Estate CMS Home Remodeling
Home Remodeling
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One of the most basic principals of real estate investment is to have paying tenants. A fundamental key to having paying tenants is providing customer service

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Within today’s society, providing responsive property management is crucial. When you keep the property in pristine/functioning order, your tenants stay happy and, therefore, pay rent.

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